Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you invoice before the initial consultation appointment?

As soon as I receive your health information, I’m at work researching and developing a protocol specially designed for you. A lot of work goes in behind the scenes to ensure that will get a plan the day of our discussion that works right for you and works toward meeting your health goals.

So, then what is the initial consultation for, exactly?

When we meet, this is the opportunity for you to tell me anything else you think of, bounce off ideas, and candidly discuss steps that you’re willing (or not) to take toward meeting your goals. I will ask clarifying questions and fine-tune your protocol before it’s finalized so you are happy with what you’re getting. Plus, I don’t want to waste your consult time writing the plan from scratch. I know you’re eager to start feeling great!

What if I start the protocol and don't like it?

Nutritional therapy is not a quick fix. Give any protocol at least a few weeks to notice a difference. If something isn’t right, let me know right away. Send me an email to describing issues you’re experiencing and we can rework your plan if needed.

I have questions about the protocol, my progress or new symptoms I’m having. What do I do?

I’m here for you. Email me if you have ANY issues. Most often it will be something we can clear up easily. If it’s something that requires a more in-depth conversation, we may need to schedule a follow up.

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