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Asian-Inspired Salad

Real talk: Our salads here at home have gotten so dang boring.

Although my kids do eat a fair share of veggies, we tend to disagree on what to put into the salad bowl. I've gotten to the point of just using greens, cucumbers and carrots as a base and then my husband adds whatever else to his. Again, not too creative.

It's funny how recipes will fade from memory for awhile (or is that just me?) and suddenly you remember that ONE great thing that at one point you made on repeat. This is SO that kind of dish. I wouldn't exactly call it a "recipe" since you can use whatever amounts you choose and it'll be amazing.

My family and I absolutely LOVE this Asian-inspired mix of fresh ingredients. It is a super light meal or a great side dish on warm weather days.

I'm no food photographer (obvi). To be totally honest I'm not a fan of being one "of those people" who take pics of their food. (Please know I'm a sucker to look at those gorgeous food images and don't judge people who want to snap a pic.) My love for cooking and sharing recipes makes this part of my life at the moment. One day I may try to improve on the photography for you, but for now, it is what it is.

Yeah, yeah, back to the salad!

Like I said, any amount of these ingredients work. I rarely measure and this is one of those times. I'll give you my veggie list and some approximations for a family-sized bowl and that should work.

I did not make my own dressing for this. Well, I sorta did. I used the fabulous one shown from Trader Joe's that I found in their refrigerated section with the produce. This dressing has such great flavor. It is a bit thick, though. I then added my own homemade Fat Burning Salad dressing (which I almost always have a Mason jar ready because it is incredibly delicious) and it worked really well together. Note: At this point I haven't requested permission to give out the recipe, but you can find it in her cookbook entitled The Ketogenic Cookbook.

This dressing is AWESOME! Other Asian-style dressings or even just oil and vinegar will taste great too.

Ready to try it? Check out the recipe below!

Asian-Inspired Salad

By Krista Smith, NTP

Serves 4 as a side dish

1/2 bag (about 2C) Trader Joe's green shredded cabbage

1 bag (about 2C) Trader Joe's Butter Lettuce and Radicchio salad mix

4 baby-sized (or 1 whole large ) red or orange bell pepper, sliced

1/2C cucumber, sliced

1 large carrot, shredded into ribbons

5 baby beets (or radishes), sliced

4 green onions, chopped (use both white and green parts)

1/2 C cilantro leaves, either whole or chopped

1 avocado, sliced

Mix all ingredients well. Serve with Trader Joe's Carrot Ginger Miso salad dressing or dressing of choice.

This salad tastes awesome with my marinated chicken from my Asian Stir-Fry recipe! Find it here.

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