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Bonus Sleep Tip!

Have you considered diffusing or topically applying essential oil to help you sleep? Diffusers use water to gently break down the oil and disperses the scent into the air. This method allows you to inhale the scent continuously for longer periods of time and can be very therapeutic. Topical application of oils draws it directly into your system; employing both strategies is very powerful as well but more isn’t necessarily better.

Lavender essential oil is part of my nighttime routine. Lavender has a number of benefits. It is a known sedative and promotes sleep, provides a sense of calm, eases anxiety and stress. To be clear, diffusing lavender won’t knock you out and make you unbearably sleepy. Instead you’ll find yourself falling into a gentle transition into restfulness.

Oils can be blended to add other benefits. Sometimes I like to add clary sage to the mix as well, which definitely alters the scent in a pleasant way. Clary sage is a soothing herb that has mild sedative effects, good for insomnia, mood swings and PMS (bonus, right?!).

There are many other oils and blends out there. What are your favorites? Find out more at my.doterra.com/your180health

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