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Costco Finds Pt. 2

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

It's time for another installment of Costco Finds! This past week I found a few great convenience items that I just HAD to share. While not all of these options are keto, there are some healthier snacks for those who aren't strict low-carb.

Check out the goods!

Organic Unsweetened Almond Milk (Vanilla)

This dairyfree option is also sugar free, which makes it a good keto option. I like to add it to my coffee but it tastes great in smoothies and ice cream recipes too. This came in a pack of 6 and was a killer deal. Plus it tastes even better than other almond milk beverages I've tried.

Superfood Trail Mix

Three different varieties to please anyone. The "Protein Mix" is closest to being low carb and keto-friendly. What I like most about these is that they're pre-packaged in portions so as not to overeat. Add one to your kiddo's lunchbox for a healthy snack.

Uncured Antipasto Selection

A great deal on a nice variety of meat AND you get two of these packs! My daughter is all about salami and loves to have meat and cheese for lunch (see my low carb lunch post for ides). I love the prosciutto, especially cooked in some coconut oil. This find is a must-have in your fridge for keto or low carb eating.

Kirkland Organic Peanut Butter

If you love peanut butter, this is for you! We go through peanut butter faster when we make banana peanut butter pie, so a 2-pack of this (yes, it comes in TWOs) means we won't run out for other recipes. My kids are the primary consumers since it's not as low-carb for my liking as almond butter. However, I've been known to mix the two butters as a dip for some celery or to make fat bombs.

Organic Sliced Apples

My family was surprised when they realized there's a whole apple in each bag! Loving these as an easy snack for the kiddos. If you're low-carb/keto, limit yourself to just a slice or two and give away the rest.

Wild-Caught Sardines

Saved the best for last. Sardines are nutritional powerhouses. I know what you're thinking, but let me reassure you that if you like the taste of fish, you WILL like these. (In all honesty, I was a bit scared to open my first can but was soooo happy I did!)

Sardines and other small cold water fish are incredibly rich sources of Omega 3 fatty acids, which help your body fight inflammation. Conventionally farmed and raised fish won't have anywhere near the levels that wild caught does because they are given cheap food (usually not their native fare) and antibiotics because of the infections they're exposed to in their cramped environment. Add these to your snack ideas for any meat-eating diet or include them in recipes.

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