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Detox Baths

Updated: May 8, 2018

Yesterday was day 2 of a head cold and I had enough of all the sneezing, runny nose and congestion. It reached a critical mass for me. By critical, I mean I needed some serious “me time” and now. Time for some healthy detox.

I never take baths. It’s just not on my to-do list to sit there. My version of relaxing is working on the computer, so there ya go. I don’t relax! Seriously, the last time I took a bath was probably 6 months ago and it was interrupted several times and short-lived. Before that it had been maybe once during my pregnancy, so before my daughter was born. She’s seven.

Sometimes you have to do things at odd times of the day because it’s the only time that fits your schedule. This impromptu bath was one of them. (It was 3 in the afternoon.) I decided what the heck-I’ve already got the bath going on, might as well slap on a clay mask then exfoliate my feet afterward since they’ve been soaking anyway. Now that sounded good to my plugged ears. I made myself a liver-cleansing dandelion tea and got right to the pampering.

I recently heard of a detox bath when my fellow NTP friend, Lori McClurg, mentioned that she gives one to her kids after a long day in the pool to rid their bodies of chlorine. It's great just for relaxation too! I used the essential oils she suggested to make my detox bath.

To the very warm water I added ½ C Epsom salt, 1 T coconut oil, and 4 drops each of rosemary and juniper berry essential oil. The Epsom salt provides magnesium and the coconut oil acts as a carrier for the essential oils, binds them, and helps draw them into the pores, then into your cells to help along the detoxification process. The scent of the oils and the feeling on my skin was ah-mazing, to say the least.

To say this bath was everything I dreamed of is an understatement. I didn’t want to get out.

While I was in there, I made a clay mask using apple cider vinegar and bentonite clay. The vinegar activates the clay and the mask draws out impurities in the skin. What attracts me to this is that it is a natural and inexpensive facelift. I left the mask on for about 5 minutes (I think. I left my phone elsewhere in the house so as not to be disturbed) or until it hardened and tightened. Then I rinsed it off with fresh water from the spigot. Once I washed up, got out and finished exfoliating my feet, I rubbed some On Guard protective blend and oregano essential oils mixed with coconut oil on my feet to continue the healing from this dang virus.

This little spa date only took me about 45 minutes. Believe me, I would’ve loved to be in there longer, but let’s be honest: Being a mom of two little ones means you don’t have unlimited time before they need you. Luckily they stayed occupied when all this was going on. One important note: Detox baths can be a bit dehydrating, especially if you're drinking dandelion tea since that's a diuretic. Be sure to drink plenty of water before and after.

You need this in your life. Spend just a few moments pampering yourself and you’ll feel better. Feeling well means you’ll have more energy to give to others. I included the recipes and some items have clickable affiliate links if you’d like to purchase. Now get to it!

Detox Bath Recipe

Add all ingredients to warm, running water:

½ C Epsom salts

1 Tbsp Coconut oil

4-8 drops essential oil (for detox use 4 drops each Juniper Berry and Rosemary)

Soak for as long as you can! :)

More delightful detox bath recipes here.

Bentonite Clay mask

1 T pure Bentonite clay (I like Aztec brand)

1 T Apple cider vinegar

Mix together in a glass or ceramic dish and apply to face, leaving some space around the mouth and eyes. Leave on for about 5 minutes. Rinse well. Follow up with a light moisturizer (I just use a bit of coconut oil)

Hope you feel as refreshed as I did!

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