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DIY Essential Oil Bug Spray

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

Been on a mission lately to reduce chemicals in my home. It's a relatively new goal for me. As I've stated before, everything takes time to phase in (or out) and this is certainly one of them.

Bugs suck. Especially those itchy bites.

When we went camping in the woods (Shaver Lake, which was amazing, btw) I didn't want to buy bug spray. I have essential oils in the house so I searched for recipes and hoped they included oils I already had on hand. The best site (which I love for so many recipes and ideas, plus other great info) is https://wellnessmama.com/ That's where I got my idea for my own bug spray.

I was going to write this post when I made the spray and decided against it. What good is a recipe if it doesn't work?? The great news is that not only did it smell awesome, but it actually worked. Woohoo!! Bugs love to bite me and I left with just one bite (and that one happened before I used the spray). My nieces, nephew, kids and sister-in-law all asked to be sprayed and we came out unscathed. Win!

Be sure to make your spray in a glass spray bottle. Essential oils are super potent and you don't want them to compromise the plastic. Vitamin Shoppe pleasantly surprised me by having them for under $2. This 2 oz one is plenty big enough. https://www.vitaminshoppe.com/p/2-oz-glass-bottle-w-spray-1-bottles/vs-3413#!

To be clear, Wellness Mama's recipe required a larger spray bottle than 2 oz. So my measurements are, well, not exact measurements. As long as you use equal parts you should be fine.

I used lavender and rosemary essential oils for my recipe. Lavender is a very calming oil that is useful for rashes and eczema. It's a known antihistamine, has antimicrobial properties and is a powerful protector against bites and stings. Lavender also blends with most oils.

The other oil I used was rosemary. I just love the scent and flavor of this herb. Rosemary is anti-inflammatory, so I figured it would work well if I did get bit. It's also great for stimulating the immune system. Not that this would've been an issue, but rosemary is great for getting rid of lice too.

Witch hazel relieves itching, burning and irritated skin. We know it as an astringent and that it relieves rashes. All benefits as far as bug bites are concerned!

Ready to make your own but need the essential oils? I caution you to only get your oils from a quality source. Think about the fact that oils penetrate your skin cells. For maximum effectiveness and minimum toxic impact on the body, its imperative you get oils that are pure and not diluted with chemicals. I love doterra brand but there are others. You can get doterra through my wellness advocate website here: https://www.doterra.com/US/en/site/your180health

DIY Essential Oil Bug Spray

by Krista Smith, NTP


40 drops rosemary essential oil

30 drops lavender essential oil

1/2 tsp rubbing alcohol

A few drops vegetable glycerin (optional)

equal parts water and witch hazel to fill the bottle


Fill the bottle with essential oil and shake well.

Add in alcohol, glycerin and shake to combine.

Leaving enough room for the spray top, fill half the remaining space with water and the rest with witch hazel. Cap and shake well. Spray on body as needed.

Here's a direct link to other bug spray recipes by Wellness Mama.


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