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Embrace your Inner Bombshell!

Opal and Corinne are two superhero-real-mom-bloggers who candidly write about their life experiences in a very relatable way. Their site, Innerbombshell.com, covers a wide range of topics from meditation to pole dancing, friendship to beauty products. I'm excited to give you the inside scoop about them, their blog, and what they’re up to in 2018. Read on to find out what makes InnerBombshell tick.

Opal Rockport and Corinne Safille

Tell me a little bit about yourselves and why you decided to create InnerBombshell.

OR - I've always enjoyed writing, exploring and expanding my knowledge. Specifically, my passions have included all things related to beauty and wellness, so initially was looking for a way to surround myself with those industries. The best way for me to express myself is through writing so that's how the concept of InnerBombshell was born.

CS - I am a mom of three beautiful little girls but before becoming a full-time mom, I was an actress, dancer, scriptwriter and fitness instructor/trainer. I have always loved the entertainment industry and I love doing things that are creative or expressive which is why I thought becoming a blogger was the right move for me. It allows me the time to be with my family and also provides me with a creative outlet to express myself.

What sets your blog apart from other health and beauty sites?

OR - InnerBombshell is very real and very honest, we are not linked to any specific brand or company which allows our reviews to be fair and non-biased. Corinne and I are both very different and oftentimes have unique perspectives, yet we can also come together and collaborate beautifully to create something special. I think that is very indicative of women in general...we can connect on different levels to find a common ground with others.

CS - I think what sets us apart is the fact that we bring two very different viewpoints. Most blogs just focus on a specific target audience, but we reach a wider audience through our diverse subject matter. We write about beauty, fashion, wellness and fitness. I write about things that are vegan, cruelty-free, plant-based, natural and organic, while Opal covers the other brands, designers and trends that are better suited for her target readers.

I noticed that InnerBombshell gives two very different points of view. Describe why you do this and what makes it work for your readers.

OR - Like every woman, Corinne and I are both multi-faceted. We are moms, wives, daughters, friends and we also have a serious side, a sexy side, a vulnerable side, etc. We try to let those parts of ourselves shine through our writing, so whether you are looking for a light read or something more meaningful, you will find it.

CS - The beauty is that we are both different and we allow our blog to be an expression of our personalities and views. We never overstep our boundaries and we remain true to ourselves. I encourage Opal to truly write about the things/subject matter that is meaningful to her even if it may go against my personal views. The most important thing is that we respect each other, encourage and support one and other and we both love writing unique articles that inspire, educate and/or reveal something new to our readers.

Do you have any goals in mind for 2018?

OR -My personal goal for InnerBombshell in 2018 is to build our network and connect with as many inspirational, positive and uplifting people we can. In the short time we have been live we have been blessed to have crossed paths, however briefly, with some very cool people and hope to continue to meet more throughout the year.

CS - I am really excited to see 2018 be the year of an impactful plant-based/vegan movement. It is one of the biggest trends expected for this year and I want InnerBombshell to be there 100%. If I can encourage and support people with our blog to make a positive change in the lives of animals, the care of our earth and their own well-being, then I have succeeded in my expectations for our blog.

What is your next biggest project/assignment?

OR -We have several conferences and expos lined up throughout the year, specifically The Natural Products Expo West, Conscious Life and the Ipsy Gen Beauty Show that we are going to be covering. We are also incorporating more videos and expanding our social media to better connect with our readers.

CS - We are very excited to start our YouTube show and allow our readers to truly see our personalities and humorous nature. I am also enthusiastic to have been invited to attend these amazing expos that will give us a front seat view of all the upcoming new products and trends.

What do you think is the biggest challenge women face today?

OR - Self-criticism, self-doubt, lack of support, toxic relationships both personally and in business...unfortunately the list goes on. As the saying goes; we must accept what we cannot change and we can only work on ourselves so I am always reminding myself whether or not I am adding to the greater good or taking away, and shift my actions accordingly.

CS - Being a woman is such an incredible gift but man it is hard. I mean we have to fight for equal pay, we have to be a reflection of perfection, we have to fight aging, we have to deal with sexual harassment and exploitation. We have to be intelligent and strong but sweet and caring. We have to be the perfect mothers, wives, girlfriends and also hold a reputable job. We are expected to care for the family, house and job duties while showcasing a smile on our face like we WANT to do it all. And to top it off, we are expected by society to be women who have flawless hair, body, face, and makeup. To be fit, strong and beautiful while fitting an obscure mold created by Photoshop apps and plastic surgery. So, when you ask what is our biggest challenge as women...I say everything is a challenge.

If there was one piece of advice you'd give your readers, what would it be?

OR - Embrace your inner bombshell! That's what this blog is all about. We all have that bombshell inside of us, we know what she looks like and we know how fierce she is; if we can stay connected to that when times are tough we can make it through.

CS - Be true to yourself. Love yourself for the beautiful being that you are. Stand out in a crowd rather than trying to fit in and make your existence in this world count.

To date, which article(s) has/have been a personal favorite and why?

OR-I wrote an article about getting older called "The Dirty Thirty" that was very honest and raw and frankly a bit vain. I might look back in ten years and be embarrassed but hey... I kept it real and it describes exactly how I am feeling (and perhaps other women) at this point in my life.

CS - I wrote an article in the starting stages of our blog titled: "Women: Friend or Foe?" about women and how powerful we could be if we just stuck together. If we loved, valued and respected one and other rather than feel angry or envious we would be invincible. I'm a strong advocate for female bonds and I truly believe in my heart that together, we could move mountains.

Anything else you'd like us to know?

OR - There is something incredibly satisfying about a good, simple read. Our content may not connect with everyone but even so I'd encourage everyone to find something they love to read. Yes, I love pictures of sunsets and silly cat videos too but don't forget the basics.

CS - Life is hard but it is beautiful. You learn from the bad circumstance and you attribute change from the good ones. If you truly love yourself, you will find that it is enough. A smile can liven up a room and a kind gesture can change the world. Believe in yourself and the universe will provide. A small action can have a long, lasting and powerful impact. Be happy :)

How can people connect with you?

OR - I can be reached by email opal@innerbombshell.com

You can also comment on any article or connect on social media.

CS - You can contact me at Corinne@innerbombshell.com and read all my articles at www.InnerBombshell.com

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