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Fall Diffuser Blend

I love my petal diffuser!!

Craving fall scents but wary of the chemicals in popular sprays and waxes? Diffuse essential oils instead! Don't have quality oils or a diffuser? Get everything you need right here.

Essential oils penetrate at the cellular level and provide a variety of health benefits. For this reason, it’s imperative to purchase high quality, pure oils. Many retailers sell oils that are diluted with alcohols or chemicals that alter or completely diminish their effectiveness. My quick fall blend contains three relatively inexpensive oils that smell wonderful together. Most DoTerra oils, like the clove and cinnamon listed here, can also be applied topically, taken internally or added to food which makes them even more versatile.

Another reason I love essential oils is that the fragrance can be adjusted by simply adding fewer drops to your diffuser water. Candles and waxes have powerful chemical fragrances that are disruptive to your hormones. These strong scents are unappealing to some people and can cause nasal irritation, headaches and other sensitivity reactions.

Common uses for the oils in the blend when diffused (as opposed to ingested or topical application) are listed below.

Cinnamon bark oil supports and stimulates the immune system when diffused. Common uses include eliminating airborne bacteria, fighting off bacterial and fungal infections, supports the pancreas and helps physical fatigue. Use with caution when diffusing, since this potent oil can irritate nasal membranes if you put your nose directly on the diffuser.

Clove essential oil is another powerful oil that has a variety of common uses. It can be a disinfectant, good for hormonal and metabolism balance, aids in thyroid function, and is helpful for viral infections. As with cinnamon bark oil, do not put your nose on the top of the diffuser or inhale directly, as it can irritate your sinuses.

Citrus Bliss is a fragrant blend of grapefruit, wild orange, lemon, mandarin and bergamot oils. When diffused, it’s very calming and even aids in relieving depression. This blend is not meant to be ingested but may be applied topically. Dilute with water for disinfecting countertops and other surfaces.

Fall Diffuser Recipe

by Krista Smith, NTP

8 drops cinnamon bark oil

5 drops clove oil

2 drops citrus bliss (or orange oil)

Pour water to the top level in your diffuser, then add oils. Diffuse for about an hour.

**Due to the potency of cinnamon and clove oils, do not inhale directly from diffuser.**

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