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Homeschool P.E.: Movement BINGO

When I taught elementary full time, one of our favorite games to play was BINGO.

This classic game is easy to create with just paper and can be about pretty much any topic you want in a variety of formats! We liked to use our vocab words and I'd call out the definition for them to find on their boards.

Now that distance learning has begun, my kiddos and I are already in a good routine. They’re getting their work done and it hasn’t been too bad for us, honestly. One thing I’ve been trying to get them more motivated about is P.E.

GoNoodle is a great resource to get younger kids moving and there are other YouTube videos etc. available online. However, I wanted to use my fitness instructor knowledge to incorporate a little creativity with fun movement ideas. Best yet, no equipment is required at all!

Enter my invention: Movement Bingo!

The possibilities for this are endless. I listed ideas later in this post for some ways to customize the game to suit your needs.

This took my two kiddos just under 20 minutes to complete from setup to winning one round. Your game may last longer depending on age, exercises required, number of players involved, etc.

Read through the instructions so you can use the game boards multiple times!

For a list of 20 movement ideas, click any image in this post!


What you need:

1 piece lined paper (or click the image above and use the attached document!)

A pen

1 piece 8.5X11” plain paper of choice per child

1 piece 8.5x11” paper cut into 20 similar size squares (about 2”x2”, no need to be precise)

1 marker per child

1 pencil per child

A hat/bowl/box…something to hold the paper squares

A timer (optional, use what you have)

A little space to move, either indoors or outdoors!

To set up the game:

Number the lined paper 1-20. For each number, write a movement your child(ren) are able to do. Be creative! See images, tips later in this post, and attached document for ideas.

Take your paper squares and write a number on them 1-20. Each number is used once. Fold the squares twice to hide the number inside.

Make the BINGO cards:

Fold the plain paper(s) into 16 squares.

Take your paper squares and write a number on them 1-20. Each number is used once.

Fold the squares twice to hide the number inside.

Have your child pull 16 numbers at random and using their marker, write a number in each square. When he/she is done, the numbers are refolded and replaced in the bowl for the next child to do the same.

(For younger children or to speed up this step, do this for them ahead of time).

To play:

First decide how BINGO can be won. Four corners, any row, any column, any diagonal, etc.

One person draws a random number from the bowl. ALL players perform the corresponding movement. Only players with the number on their BINGO card mark the square in pencil. Leave the number out of the bowl. Continue play until someone wins!

**To make the game boards last multiple rounds, have your child make a SMALL mark on the square and either erase when done or change the shape. For example, the first time you play can be a small dot, next time a star, third time a square, etc. Another option is to use a colored pencil and make a small, different-colored dot for each game you play.


For younger kids, keep it fun and simple! Make sure the movements are easily accomplished with good form, such as bunny hops, jumprope (real or pretend), dances, arm circles. You can add age-appropriate equipment such as a playground ball, hula hoop, twirling ribbon, etc. if you have them. Choose to make movements time-dependent (30 seconds max is good for most), rep-dependent (5-10 should be fine depending on age), silly or all of the above!

For older kids who like a challenge, are more able and know how, include equipment such as handweights, exercise ball, or STEP. Even a yoga pose challenge can work (ex: who can hold tree pose for 20 seconds). Proper form is key to avoid injury. Be mindful of your child(ren)’s abilities and skill level.

Keep the reps in the low range (no more than 20 reps of most exercises will keep the pace) and the time under 1 minute to avoid burn out and fatigue. Remember, this is supposed to be FUN!

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