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Power-Up Your Smoothie

Updated: May 8, 2018

Smoothies can be excellent nutrient-dense foods if done correctly. I don’t advocate having them regularly because it is far too easy to drink them and not feel satiated as opposed to simply eating these foods in their whole form. That being said, the best options are green smoothies because you get the nutrient-dense veggies with all their vitamin and mineral glory without the sugar spike of too much fruit.

The challenge then becomes what combo you need to make your drink taste like a yummy treat instead of a rabbit’s delight. Luckily for all of us, Tasty Yummies made this killer infographic to help! One note of caution: Don’t add in too many of these options, especially carbs, or you can EASILY end up with a cup full of a day’s worth of calories. While the calories-in, calories-out model isn’t a perfect science, these can be an easy way to overeat without realizing it. You can check out the recipe I created to make my Lucky Green Smoothie by clicking here.

Blend up your favorite and share your results! I'd love to know what you're into.


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