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Strategies to Keep On Track

The holiday season is over. How are you feeling? Relieved?

Feeling guilt about food after the holidays is so common. We often reflect on how stuffed or bloated we felt, can't stop eating junk, or just overall regret our food choices. My plea to you is to let it go like Elsa from Frozen. Let it go and move on. It was only one day (maybe a staggered few if you had a lot of places to attend). What good is it going to do to feel bad about yourself now? Don’t beat yourself up over something you cannot go back and change. Now that you’ve let go, I urge you to move forward and learn from it. There will be more events to attend and more temptations to decide upon. Here are some ways you can maintain your healthy eating goals.

I co-hosted a YMCA seminar in November in which we discussed strategies for making better choices during parties and family gatherings. These apply ANY time you are in a social situation where food is served. Here is a quick list of some of my favorite approaches that I personally use any time I am faced with this food dilemma.

· Skip foods that are always available to you (such as a dinner roll) and instead choose a different item (like Aunt Betty’s famous pecan pie) that is only served on special occasions. [Wherever this place is with all the pastries, avoid it! Haha!]

· Bring a healthy food you love so there is something you feel great about eating.

· Eat beforehand and don’t eat anything (or just one small item) when you’re there.

· Grab a plate, add your items, and walk away from the food table. Don’t go back for more.

· Make a plan to eat just one certain thing that’s not in your typical daily diet under certain conditions. For example, I avoid eating anything with added sugar. I decided at birthday parties, I will only have a piece of cake IF it is a unique homemade or specialty item, or from a “fancy” bakery I’ve never tried something from before. In other words, I won’t eat it if it’s a grocery store cake. I’ve tasted those many times before. Not worth it to me.

· If it’s a food that gives you digestive troubles, avoid it. The minute it takes you to eat it is often not worth the time to get back to normal.

What are your strategies? I’d love to read them! Comment here or shoot me an email at: info@Your180Health.com

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