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Summer Produce Guide

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

Love a good farmers market? Me too! All of the locally-grown foods are amazing to see and it makes me feel so good to support local growers. Farm-to-table is far better for a number of reasons. You reduce environmental impact by lessening the need to transport from far distances. You support the local economy. It's great to know where your food comes from and may even know the farmer by name. The local growth environment is closer to your own body's microbiome, as you gene-swap yours with the from the plants' soil biome.

What about when you can't get to your local CSA or farmers market?

Oddly enough, it can be tricky to tell what's currently in season. Isn't it bizarre that we are that out of touch nowadays?? Sure, some things are easy to spot, like pumpkins in the fall or strawberries in summer. When you visit a grocery store, you'll see apples all year. Anything that isn't local or in season are either imported from other states/countries/regions or they were locally harvested but temporarily put into cold storage for sale throughout the year. Problem is, the nutrients are not at all the same (think: old) and consumers don't get the health benefits from eating seasonal food. As soon as food is harvested, its nutrients begin to break down. Eating food as close to when it is picked and ripe is ideal, as is the locality of such foods. See my post here where I discuss other benefits of locally grown food in a bit more detail.

Curiosity and the love for information inspired me to create this handy chart for you. Summertime is the BEST time in California to get your hands on all that wonderful produce. If you're out of the area, it's good to know which are actually freshest now.

Want to be the farmer and grow your own?? Here's a great infographic from Mercola.com Click the image to jump to the full article.

Sources: Southland Farmer's Market Association; smfa.net/consumer/inseason.shtml#mayaugust




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