“I was having headaches, stomach aches and digestion issues so I decided to seek advice from Krista regarding my concerns and if nutritional therapy could help me. Krista did an exam, asked questions about my medical issues I and what my concerns were. I was pleasantly surprised by the things she knew and could find out from the tests she performed. Krista recommended some supplement and dietary changes that she strongly believed would help me based on the information from the exam and consultation. I took her advice and started taking the supplements along with making the dietary changes. Krista checked in with me for follow ups to make sure everything was going well with the changes I was making. I honestly started to feel much better after following Krista's advice. My headaches had practically gone away and my stomach and digestion problems were getting better. I even lost some weight and had more energy. Krista continued to check on my progress and make sure her recommendations were right for me. She had even done some research on a medical condition I have and made recommendations for food and supplements she believed would help with the medical condition. Overall my experience with Krista has been very positive." 


"I know Krista Smith as a very kind and dedicated person. We met when she started attending the YMCA where I taught. It was apparent that she was serious about her own health and at the same time very willing to help and mentor others. She loves to share her knowledge while at the same time respecting that every person is different from another. After she started her nutrition education I asked her to teach the nutrition segment to our personal training small group. Her presentations and material are well-organized and easy to follow. Everything I have seen of Krista is that she goes over and beyond in her self care, as a teacher, mother and mentor. Krista has much to offer in the field of wellness."

                                                                                                                              -Ruth Elin

"Krista was the first person to say the words 'familial hypercholesterolemia' to me. Not 3 weeks later, I was diagnosed with it. Since being on the RESTART program, I've stopped needing heartburn medication, and I had been on it for 10 years! I would recommend this program to anyone. You've got nothing to lose except some weight and some negative health effects." 


"I enrolled in Krista's RESTART program as part of my resolution to take better care of myself this year. It was a great way to make a true commitment to myself and my health. The class was extremely informative. I learned so much about choosing and eating real food and the positive effect it has on your mental and physical health. At first I was nervous about weekly video conferences, but that turned out to be one of the best parts of the class. There is a support system available to help you succeed. We shared recipes, successes, and also challenges. Krista was there to lend her expertise and support every step of the way as well. Even after the class is complete, she is still very eager to help you continue making the best choices for your health. It's truly a passion of hers and I'm grateful to have had this experience, and to be able to apply what I have learned on my health journey."


Palmdale, CA



Krista Smith
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Nutritional Therapy Practitioner


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